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1 Decryptum CreditWhat is Decryptum credits? is required to decrypt one file. Discounts are applied to orders for 3 and more Decryptum Credits.

Decryptum credits can be purchased online using any major credit card. The order confirmation e-mail with PIN number required to start the password recovery service will be sent to you in a few minutes after placing an order. Phone, fax, mail/check and corporate purchase order options are processed the next business day upon receipt.

Files to decrypt / Credits Price Save
1 file US $29.00 Buy Now
3 files US $79.00 Buy Now US $8.00
5 files US $119.00 Buy Now US $26.00
10 files US $229.00 Buy Now US $61.00
20 files US $299.00 Buy Now US $281.00
50 files US $499.00 Buy Now US $951.00

Ordering more than 50 Decryptum credits

For more than 50 Decryptum credits, please contact us for greater discounts. We can offer special prices for online and offline data and password recovery services, forensic agencies and computer crime investigators.

Please fill in the form below and we'll contact you with a custom price quote.

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